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Βασ. Γεωργίου 25, Γύθειο 232 00, Λακωνία, Ελλάδα
Διαλέξτε skateboard, longboard από τη γκάμα προϊόντων μας!
Όπως επίσης και άλλα αξεσουάρ κράνη κτλ...
After long experience in extreme sports, I decide to build my own Longboards in U.S.A., the Davelin, also to import in Greece, some of the dream Longboarding and Skateboarding companys as the Original from New Jerzy, Bustin from N.Y., Riviera and Elephant from California, Five Mile, Loaded from CA, USA, Trap from Germany, Mindless from U.K. I m selling the Surf clothes of Urban Beach from U.K, and clothes of Green House from Amsterdam. Also the BERG OUTDOORS clothes and shoes for mountain, from Portugal. Victoria Skimboards from California, Osprey Surfboards and Longboards from the UK. I m running an old Bookstore with books which mostly I like to read and the Handromania Bead shop in Gythion. Plus I sell the Deejo and Victor Inox knifes from France and Swiss. In the shop you can find Yoyos from YoyoFactory NY, the original Powerball of NSD, strategy games and gadgets for all ages people.......And I m still searching for stuff not easy to find!!!!! )
Τηλέφωνο: +30 27330 22491

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